1 MINUTE GIANT Protein Brownie I Eat To Stay Lean

This 1 Minute Microwave Brownie Recipe has been one of my go to snacks and desserts while I’ve been trying to lose weight. Not only is it packed with protein, but it’s fairly low in carbs and calories as well since it requires no sugar or flour to make it. In fact, over two thirds of the calories in this brownie come from protein. So it’s been a huge help sneaking in me sneaking in more protein throughout the day and hit my daily protein goals.

Protein Powder I used: https://amzn.to/3Okxsib


Vital Gluten Wheat: https://amzn.to/3K44vnq

Confectioners Swerve: https://amzn.to/3xUK9ur

Unsweetened Cocoa Powder: https://amzn.to/3JQJhJz

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Raw Food – The Future For the Planet – And Our Waistlines!

If you are one of those people who loves food, but feels that food doesn’t love you – it just likes to hang out on your hips – you may already have heard about the Raw Food diet/lifestyle. Raw food has become a very popular way to lose weight, increase energy and just feel a lot healthier!

What is Slim Ice – A New Miracle Drug? I Don’t Think So

Have you ever wondered why the best things in life are so bad for us. Food is no exception.

Does Slim Ice Cream Work? The Shocking Truth the Health Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know

When we think of ice cream we rarely think of the word healthy or even slim, but this is 2009. The world is changing and so are the way we to certain things. So you probably saw a TV commercial and you are wondering “does Slim Ice Cream work.”

Oriental Honey Pickles Recipe

If you are a pickle-freak, this mouth-watering, crunchy, sweet and sour pickled vegetables prepared in homemade, oriental style might just get you curious! It’s actually a concoction that I personally created when I was looking for an all-raw, healthier, and easier alternatives to the famous, authentic “Ah-Char” or Chinese styled pickled vegetables recipe which involves some amount of oil and cooking. And as much as I love the taste of those bottled pickles you get from the grocery stores, I also hate the artificial food coloring and flavors, and the added sugar that come with it.

Butter is Better

Is margarine as good for you as you think, or is butter better. Here we will expose the margarine myth.

Low Calorie Snack Ideas For All

Low calorie snacks are a big plus if you are planning to lose weight. If you are going for instant weight loss, there is no need to feel bad after you have something delicious. A dietitian will advice you to have 4 or 5 small meals a day in place of eating two or three heavy meals in a day.

Healthy Low Carb Snack Ideas to Stay Fit

Incorporating low carb snack in meals is very important as they keep you full and enable you to perform better without adding on weight to your body. Here are few ideas that one can have to change their lifestyle into a healthy living. The kind of weight loss one gets by incorporating low carb snacks is outstanding.

Low Calorie Snack to Stay Fit

Striving for instant weight loss, then a low calorie snack is a great option. You need not feel guilty for having them nor gain any excess weight and at the same time having your hunger satisfied as well. Diet charts are maintained for people wanting to take 1200 calorie diet or 1500 calories per day.

Healthy Snack Alternatives

There’s something about putting food in our mouths all of the time that regularly leads to obesity. The truth is there are nibbles out there that are actually healthy for you, and will help you to shed pounds. Pretzel sticks come in a selection of sizes and even with some different flavors making them one of the finest break foods you can snack on during the day.

Tips on How to Choose a Low-Fat, Low-Calorie Pizza

But how do you still eat your favorite dish while watching your waistline? Well, there is a way to eat pizza while on a diet and the answer is in the choices and topping options.

Looking to Satisfy Your Need to Eat All the Time? This Snack is Perfect For You

This is an article on a great snack that helps curve hunger. Those looking to eat healthy will like it.

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