40 Calorie Hot Chocolate | Healthy, Low Calorie, & Sugar Free

This healthy low calorie Hot Chocolate Recipe is so, so good! It’s rich, creamy, incredibly delicious, and each cup of hot cocoa has just 40 calories. Plus, this isn’t just a low calorie hot chocolate recipe, it’s a low carb one too – it’s completely sugar free.

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Keto Chocolate Chips: https://amzn.to/3wX67dD

Confectioners Swerve: https://amzn.to/3jfhBUe

Unsweetened Cocoa: https://amzn.to/30AhYTh

The Wonderful Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds!

Pumpkin seeds are a nutrition packed powerhouse food! What are the many benefits of these seeds, particularly for dieters?

Zero Calorie Foods

What is a negative calorie food you say? You see there is no such thing as a negative calorie. Let me explain – a calorie is a unit of heat and it cannot be negative. So when people talk about negative calorie foods. They are talking about foods whose calorie level is so low that it takes more energy to eat and digest it.

Nutrition in Prepared Foods – Helpful Things You May Not Be Aware Of

However, this “conflict” between sides is not necessarily a “choose one or the other” proposition. There are prepared nutritious foods available that have vegetables, grains, fiber and other nutrients that are crucial to good health.

Low Carb Meal – How to Enjoy This While Maintaining Your Diet

If you are one of the people that want to enjoy a low carb meal, you might perhaps want to know about how to do it without having to end up regretting having a meal. Dieting is all about knowing how to eat smart and enjoying the good food without compromising on the taste or quality. However, people that do diet fail to realize this and end up thinking that dieting is something that is going to rob them of their love for eating. This is simply not true and with a couple of tweaks, you should be able to get this diet working like it is supposed to.

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This fruit is extremely valuable. It contains a wealth of vitamins and brings little calories. It makes an excellent snack as it is light on your stomach.

Low Calorie Chicken Casserole Recipe

Casserole recipes are recipes that are usually referred to a one-dish meal that basically contain cooked meats, fish, poultry, eggs and vegetables and bound with soup or sauce. They are actually cooked using the casserole dish thus where the name came from. This cooking method became very popular especially among the Americans during the1950s thereon when the dish was first introduced to the consumers from a simple light weight metal. Now it has evolved into different materials such as glass, enamel, and stoneware to name a few.

Making Great Tasting Low Calorie Food

Making great tasting low calorie food is something everyone has to do, and it doesn’t have to be hard. Cut out oils by steaming your food, and find fun new ways to eat it.

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If you’re craving Mexican food, very often the first thing that pops into one’s head is a big plate of nachos or tacos or a multi pound burrito. Nevertheless, calling those foods authentic Mexican cuisine is a bit of a stretch, especially if they have been given the American treatment of deep fry or cheese.

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It’s late, you’re hungry and you really don’t feel like cooking. You’re way overdue for a hearty meal, your stomach is churning -you think your only way out is fast food. You begin to rustle up some ideas of fast food joints you can hit up.

The Scarsdale Low Carb Diet Is Easy To Follow

Start losing weight today without even having to exercise. Tired of the way you look? Don’t worry about it any more. The Scarsdale Low Carb diet helps you to lose weight fast and you can do it all without needing to exercise!

Eating Out While Traveling: Ethnic Foods

It’s summertime! Whether on family vacation stateside, or traveling to far off lands, ethnic food can be a real treat. However, it can also pack on the pounds even faster than normal holiday eating. There are foods to think twice about, and some L.E.A.N.-er options to keep you on your path to healthy eating choices:

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