5 Keto Breakfast Ideas | Easy Low Carb Breakfast Recipes ANYONE Can Make!

Today I’ve got 5 keto breakfast ideas for you guys that are so good and so easy to make! Seriously, ANYONE can make these easy low carb breakfast recipes – even kids!!

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Keto Breakfast Pizza Tips:

Cooking it in the oven: Cook the quesadilla part at 400F for for around 5 minutes (until the cheese melts). Then, to cook the pizza, bake for around 15-20 minutes just until the egg is set.

On the stovetop: Cook the quesadilla on medium heat until the cheese has totally melted (flip occasionally as it cooks). Then, to cook the pizza, again cook over medium heat, but add 1-2 tablespoons of water to the pan and cover with a lid. Cook until the cheese has melted and the egg has set.

***Note: The Breakfast Wrap and the Raspberry and Cream Cheese Wrap have enough ingredients to make 2 wraps.

Acai Berry – How to Utilize It

Acai berry can be found in various forms like frozen form, freeze dried form, acai berry juice, powder form, and pill form. To get maximum use of frozen or freeze dried acai berry you must never heat them because heating can destroy its nutritional value. Acai frozen berry pulp is needed for preparing recipes that you can eat or drink: there are some steps that may help you to decide what type of acai berry form you may like:

The Caesar Taco Astounds Diet Professionals!

Living in South Florida, I have learned to become accustomed to unique and creative styles of foods. Above all of the things that South Florida has shown me, their unmatched dining quality and originality is by the far most incredible.

Need a Healthy Sugar Substitute? Try Stevia Rebaudiana!

Many Americans are addicted and consume way too much sugar. There is however, a more healthy sugar substitute known as stevia rebaudiana.

Diet Eggplant Lasagne Recipe For a Sexy Lean Fat Free Body

Welcome back to my kitchen, this recipe is a delicious, healthy, and very satisfying eggplant lasagne. That is what I call it because I replace the pasta sheets with eggplant. If you have never cooked eggplant, today is the day to change all that and give it a go. It is very simple to cook and the taste is wonderful.

Delicious Smoothies – The Almost Instant Breakfast

These days when we are all trying to cram more and more into twenty-four hours, multi-tasking, generally doing at least two things at once, it is still hard to find time to sit down and eat a healthy breakfast. Smoothies could be your answer, they are quite a thick drink and they do fill you up, which is a bonus as they are also low in calories which is probably pretty important to you if you are watching your weight.

Enjoy Fresh Popcorn at Home

Many used to believe that movie night was complete when they could relax with a huge bowl of hot, buttered popcorn. Whether that was getting out the old electric popcorn machine that seemed to have many parts that were hard to clean or using a foil “skillet” containing dried kernels and oil that once cooked, transformed into a silver dome of fun, either way, the end results made the process worth it. Nowadays, there are many types of home popcorn machines, or as they’re commonly called, poppers.

Mediterranean Diet

Despite its name it is not typical of all Mediterranean cuisine, although this diet was a very popular recommendation in the 1990s. Lard, butter and olive oil are commonly used in Northern Italy for cooking, but in North Africa, besides olive oil, sheeps tail fat and rendered fat (samna) are traditional staple fats, while wine is, for instance, avoided by Muslims. This diet includes high consumption of olive oil, legumes, fruits, unrefined cereals and vegetables, wine, fish, moderate consumption of dairy products and low consumption of meat products.

Creating Low-Calorie Dishes With Company Appeal

When you are dieting or sticking with a strict eating plan, gathering for summer parties can be a real let-down. After all, you certainly don’t want to be socially out of the loop, but each indulgence can really begin to cut into your eating plan, causing you to backslide. Luckily, you can have your cake and eat it too, so to speak. There are plenty of company-worthy dishes that can be prepared on a fire pit or grill, while still being calorie-conscious.

My Discovery of the Summer – The Wonders of The Humble Radish!

I’ve never eaten radishes – and therefore I have never grown them and my family have never been served them at home. However, this year I had a free packet of seeds so thought I might as well grow them and in just over a month, I now have a bumper crop.

Low Calorie Snacks Good For the Body and Health

Everyone is constantly in search for low calorie snacks that will quell your hunger while at the same time being tasty. Sadly, low calorie snacks don’t have the best reputation; they are generally viewed as being dull, tasteless and not good value for money. So why is this? It is mainly due to the fact that we have been conditioned to think of low calorie snacks as only being vegetables and fruits minus any added seasonings.

Diet Shakes Vs Green Smoothies – Which is Better?

Diet shakes have been popular with calorie-conscious dieters for years. They are convenient and better than the fast food alternative. However, there is a more nutritious alternative that is quick and easy to make: green smoothies. You can use a variety of ingredients in a green smoothie and get in 2 or more servings of fruits and vegetables in one creamy, delicious meal.

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