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All About The Best Low Carb Keto Recipes – Wholesome Yum
Park Feierbach Think going keto is difficult? Think again. We have 40+ simple supper dishes that you’ll wish to make again and once again. Mix up your weeknights with delicious dishes like cheesy bacon ranch chicken, bacon-wrapped cauliflower, and hearty keto chili. For more recipe ideas, examine out our favorite keto breakfasts.

Patrick’s banquet. Get the dish from Delish. 2 of 59 Keto Beef Stew This is a stunner of a weeknight meal. Get the dish from Delish. 3 of 59 Keto Stuffed Cabbage This one is a game changer. Get the dish from Delish. 4 of 59 Keto Mac…

Treatment of Ankle Sprains

One of the most commonly occurring maladies of the lower part of the body is spraining of the ankle. There are many factors which can hurt the body. Some factors such as excessive and rigorous activity and advancing age. You may sprain your ankle when the protective ligaments which secure the joints get stretched in an abnormal manner. This happens when you suddenly twist, turn or fall over the foot. The sprain is considered to be extreme in case the elastic fibers of the tendons get torn.

Ingrown Toenails

One of the most commonly occurring foot conditions is Ingrown toenails. This happens when the edges of the toe nails grow inward and penetrate into the soft skin tissues. Initially the nail begins to grow and pierce the skin. As the nail grows it continues to go deeper inside. This is known as Onychocryptosis. This condition usually occurs in the big toe. But sometimes it happens in the other toes as well. It is very uncommon for ingrown nails to occur in the fingers.

The Link Between Running and Foot Pain

Running is a well known and a much preferred sport as it does not need any other equipment. It is mostly based on the movement of the body. Our feet play a pivotal role for running and thus foot pain can be a cause of distress in most runners. Generally more than 15% of the injuries caused by running happen in the foot. A majority of the foot injuries occur due to excessive exercise, faulty running pattern and habits which have become a part of us. We often fail to realize that something is wrong unless things become extreme and our normal functioning is hampered. You need to nip the pain in the bud before it is too late.

How High Heels Are Related to Arthritis

Although there seems to be very little connection between high heels and arthritis yet deep study has revealed that the two are actually interrelated. Chiropodists and podiatrists have been studying the maladies which are related to the continuous use of high heels over a long duration. Apart from the common side effects such as bunions, ingrown nails and corns another malady has now been included in the list. This is the condition of arthritis of the knee and foot joints.

Pain on Top of the Foot – Its Causes and Treatment

Some people suffer from pain on top of the foot that is quite uncomfortable and can be slightly annoying or highly incapacitating. For some people the pain might come and go whereas for others it’s a constant problem. There are several causes for this kind of condition which range from slight irritations to severe health issues however it is mostly caused by irritation or injury due to mechanical or anatomical factors.

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