Banana Bread Protein Shake | Low Calorie High Protein Shake

This protein shake tastes almost exactly like a slice of banana bread. Plus, it’s just a super quick and easy protein shake to whip up that will keep you full for hours after you make it.

*To make this low carb replace the bananas with my homemade low carb vanilla ice cream, and use banana extract to taste. Then, instead of oats, use hemp hearts in its place. If you do this your shake will end up having less than 5g carbs.

Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe:
Banana Extract:

0 Carb 0 Calorie Maple Syrup:



Things I used to make this protein shake:

Natural No Sugar Added Peanut Butter:


Isopure Protein:

0 Carb Sweetener:


1/2 Cup (150mL) Unsweetned Almond Milk
1 Medium Banana Frozen (100g)…or use my low carb vanilla ice cream
1 Tbsps (15g) 0 Carb Maple Syrup
1 Tsp (4g) Vanilla Extract
Pinch of cinnamon
Pinch of salt
1/2 Cup 90g Ice
1/4 Cup (20g) Oats
1/4 Cup (28g) Walnuts

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