Collagen Keto Donuts Recipe | Donut Shop Quality & Just 2 NET CARBS

These collagen keto donuts are the real deal. They’re as soft as a pillow, totally cakey, and they have the most delicious sugar free chocolate glaze on top. And the best part about these keto donuts is that they have just 2 NET CARBS each, but taste like they’re straight from a donut shop!

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Written Recipe:


*If not using Torani syrup, substitute it with 2 Tbsps more almond milk, and a tbsp of 0 carb sweetener.


Donut Pan:


Keto Sprinkles:

Keto Chocolate Chips:

Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup:

Coconut Flour:

Almond Flour:
or Sunflower Seed Flour:
or Walnut Flour:

Confectioners Swerve:
or Monk Fruit:

Pure Vanilla Extract:

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