How to Make Crispy Keto Fried Chicken

How to Make Crispy Keto Fried Chicken
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10 Keto Diet Foods Every Beginner MUST Eat
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Can Green Salads Pose Health Risks?

Health threatening elements harvest all around us. It’s not possible to avoid them all the time. Health problems through food contamination is a common phenomena. Sometimes you get exposed to them unintentionally, and sometimes you make a mistake knowingly. So it’s up to you whether you want to be safe by increasing awareness or just want to take risks. Today we’re here to share a new topic about food safety.

Lisfranc Fractures and Dislocations – Sourcing Useful Information About Lisfranc Injuries

This is a foot injury, which though extremely rare, is most often suffered by horse riders and other Extreme Sport types e.g. mountain bikers, skiers, surfers, skateboarders, kite and wind surfers etc. In recent years there have also been several high-profile instances of Lisfranc injuries amongst National Football League (American Football) players.

Sand Toe Sprains

Your big toe is important to walk, running, and jumping. We often forget how involved it is with these motions until we hurt it. People are familiar with the tern turf toe, but today we are going to talk about its opposite injury, sand toe.

Achilles Pain

Achilles pain can be extremely limiting. People first think about it as an inconvenience and then find themselves thinking about it every day. The pain increases with walking and running. What was once a mild pain becomes debilitating.

Keep Your Feet Healthy and See a Podiatrist

Sometimes a podiatrist is all that stands between you and your feet being happy and pain free. Make an appointment to see one at your earliest convenience so you can stop the aches and pains.

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