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Treatment of Ingrown Toenails

An ingrown toenail is a common condition where the corner or edge of one of the toenails grows into the soft fleshy part of the toe. The result of this growth is a painful, sore region that is often red and may become infected. These ingrown problems typically affect the big toe, but can occur on any one of the toes.

The Honey Bees Are Dying – Do We Need Them?

For most of us it would have gone unnoticed; although it is fact since the late 1980 honeybees have been dying off in alarming numbers. Unless we hear it on the news or read it somewhere in the newspapers, how would we know? After all it is only a humble little bee of no great interest or importance to most of us, or is it?

Advanced Procedure Provides Solution for Bunions

Bunions are the enlargement of the great toe joint area, caused by a misaligned bone that deflects the big toe inward. Many people endure the inconvience and pain associated with bunions because they do not know where to turn for treatment or think they cannot spare the time to correct the problem. There is an outpatient procedure that can eliminate the pain and discomfort felt from a bunion.

Choosing the Right Shoes: Running

Running is a great sport, but it leaves the athlete open to many possible injuries. Proper footwear is a good place to start for running safely and comfortably, so choosing the right pair of running shoes is critical.

Foot Health During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can cause many changes to the body, both physical and hormonal. In this article we discuss the impact of pregnancy on your feet and how to take care of your feet during the pregnancy and following the birth.

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