Keto-friendly General Tso Chicken

HIGHLY REQUEST RECIPE – Keto-friendly General Tso Chicken with the best sweet and savory glaze. A takeout classic of crispy chicken covered with sweet, flavorful, and slightly spicy glaze AND make it SUGAR-FREE. You never cooked with sugar alternatives? Well, don’t worry, I got you! Even without sugar, we can make a finger-licking-good glaze that tastes just as amazing!


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‘Comfort Shoes’ Could Be the Cause of Knee, Foot Problems

“Ouch, ouch, ow!” These are the sounds that those suffering from foot pains constantly utter as they attempt to embark on a journey of simply walking to the corner store, the bank or picking up their children from school. No matter what they have done, standing up seems like an extreme sport these days.

The Cure For Toenail Fungus May Be In Your Medicine Cabinet

First reported by Dr. T H Oliver in 1920, ozone and oxidative therapies have been used extensively by doctors to treat a wide range of health problems, such as vascular disease, cancer, viral diseases, ulcers, inflammatory bowel diseases and spinal disc problems. Additionally, these treatments are effective therapies for contaminated wounds, burns and infections. The use of oxygen to heal is based on the idea that it breaks down and eliminates toxins from the body by “burning” them through the process of oxidation. In the process of ozone and oxidative therapies white blood cell production is also encouraged, there is an increased delivery of oxygen to the cells, red blood cell flexibility is expanded and metabolism is also stimulated. Because of its ability to kill bacteria and fungus, many cities purify their drinking water with ozone.

What Is The Process For Ordering Custom Built Orthotics?

Rather than trying to purchase over the counter inserts that may or may not help, choose custom orthotics and you will feel the difference. They are manufactured using technology that is backed by research to ensure the best fit and support.

Dr. Lorry Melnick, DPM, Denver On The Cause And Treatment Of Heel Pain

Dr. Lorry A. Melnick, DPM, Denver discusses the causes and treatment of heel pain. Dr. Melnick explains how heel inflammation occurs and how treatment and proper attention to problems when they first occur can help avoid having a minor condition become a major one.

Causes and Treatment for Morton’s Neuroma

Having aches and pains in the feet are not unusual when you are spending hours at a time standing at a counter or walking around for work. However, ball of the foot pain may indicate something more serious when it doesn’t quickly fade. If your pain is accompanied by numbness, tingling, or the feeling of a stone in your shoe, you may have the problem known as Morton’s Neuroma.

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