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Are you on a keto diet? Keto diet plans include various meals and snacks which can help people lose weight and improve their health. This keto diet recipe, Keto Hoisin Butter Prawns Keto Recipe , includes foods which are on the food lists for keto diets. Your keto diet can even include chocolate, cookies and various types of desserts. Include this recipe in your keto diet.

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Vitamin D Daily Dose: An Inevitable Element of a Healthy Existence

Vitamin D is one among the vitamins one can’t afford to ignore when thinking of a healthy life. But, the sad truth is that the importance of this substance remained unnoticed until recently. It is the discoveries made five years ago, which brought to light its numerous health benefits. Vitamin D plays an important role in the health of the bones in our body. It also helps in the absorption of calcium and phosphorus. Experts inform us that this vitamin is capable of preventing cancer and other fatal diseases. Its absence can also cause serious mental disorders like depression. Even though our body requires this in very small quantities, it is not capable of making this substance on its own. For this reason, it has to be availed from external sources like the sun and food items containing vitamin D. However, there exists no consensus among the experts as to how much one has to consume on a daily basis to enjoy a healthy existence. But, one thing is sure, if the daily intake exceeds 5,000 IUs per day for a time of four months, you would start suffering from a condition called vitamin D toxicity.

The Best Foot Solutions for Common Shoe Problems

Some women are bag ladies while others are hugely obsessed with shoes. Many ladies spend lots of money on the latest shoe designs as well as the classic styles. They wear heels almost every day to work, to dinner dates, to evening affairs and even during the weekends

Are Your Orthotics Really Custom for You?

Most of us have heard of orthotics (insoles for your shoes) and many of us even have worn them or currently do. But not many of us took the time to notice if they were truly custom (made specifically for us) or just a cookie cutter pair made by someone with no training. We are going to talk a bit about what orthotics are and why someone would need them as well as who should you go and see if they are needed.

Poor Circulation In Feet

If you are suffering from cold feet, you probably asked yourself the question why are my feet always cold? Here is some information which will answer your question.

Remedies For Curing Heel Pain

Heel pain is a common problem in children and adults but needs better awareness. The pain can be mild or severe but it’s not fatal. But if ignored it may become chronic.

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