Keto Instant Pot Butter Beef | Only 5 ingredients

3 lb roast beef
1 tbsp olive oil
1 packet of dry ranch seasoning mix
1 jar of banana pepper rings, reserve 1/4 cup of liquid
2 tbsp of italian seasoning
1 cup of water
1 stick of butter

Macros: 6 servings
Calories 580 | Carbohydrates 6.2g | Protein 44g | Fat 44g | Sugar 1g | Net Carbs 4.1 g | Fiber 2.1 g |

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How To Heal Your Cracked Heels

Did you know that the average person walks about 4500 miles in their lifetime? This means we take millions of steps and subsequently pound our heels with every stride. So it’s no wonder many of us suffer with heel problems from time to time, particularly if we do not look after them and one of the most common complaints that many of us will have to endure is cracked heels.

Signs And Symptoms Of Painful Heels

The first signs of a painful heel normally occur after some form of exercise or injury although its onset can be gradual if it is due to standing on your feet for long periods of time or a gradual weight gain. It is characterised by the intense pain felt when first standing after sitting for long periods of time or after rising in the morning.

Fallen Arches, Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome, Bunions, and More: Adrenal Fatigue As a Predisposing Factor

“The gait of man is the fate of man.” Learn how stress literally beats us up-leading to flat feet, foot problems, and musculoskeletal pain anywhere in the body.

Is Your Back Of Knee Pain A Baker’s Cyst?

Baker’s cyst is characterised by a swelling behind the knee which is caused by a build-up of fluid from the knee joint. It is also known as a popliteal cyst and is the kind of bursitis where the synovial sac behind the knee becomes overfilled with fluid causing severe pain in the area.

Metatarsalgia and Ball of the Foot Pain

The word Metatarsalgia means pain in the metatarsal part of the foot. This is located at the base of the toes from where they join the remaining part of the foot. The metatarsal bones begin at the arch of the foot and they end at the toe joints. The shape of the first metatarsal is different from the other four. This is actually located in the big toe. Most metatarsal disorders are caused due to the mismanagement of weight distribution and faulty development of pressure points while conducting activities related to weight bearing.

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