Keto Recipe 43: Shrimp Zucchini Pasta Meal

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How to Prevent Diabetic Neuropathy Foot Problems

People living with diabetes, over time, may develop nerve damage in the foot. While some people with this form of nerve damage may experience no symptoms, others may have numbness, loss of feeling in the foot or toes, pain and tingling sensations. Diabetic neuropathies may occur in nearly any part of the body; however, the foot is one of the more common areas to experience problems in those with the disease.

Oscar Pistorius: The “Blade Runner”

Oscar Pistorius gives hope and encouragement to people who suffer from foot and ankle disorders, as well as others who use prosthetics. One of the most common diseases we see in our office that leads to amputations is diabetes. Our main goal with diabetes is to prevent amputation but when amputation becomes a necessity, it is good for patients to know that it is still possible to lead a normal life.

Achilles Pain Advice

There is no doubt that Achilles pain is amongst the most common lower body issues encountered by podiatrists and doctors. While this is the largest tendon in the body built to endure the pressures created due to activities like jumping and running it is also vulnerable to developing tendonitis due to degeneration and overuse.

The Benefits of Healthy Eating Is Often Underestimated by Many People!

The benefits of eating healthy cannot be overemphasized. Many have ignored the importance of healthy nutrition and have continued to put unhealthy foods into their stomachs.

What You Need To Know About Bunions

A bunion is a large bump on the side of your foot. A bunion isn’t anything terrible and it’s not caused from doing anything wrong. Wearing inappropriate shoes can make bunions worse or can cause you to feel the symptoms of a bunion earlier, but they don’t actually cause bunions. Often a bunion is inherited. Bunions don’t always cause pain. Some people never even have symptoms. If you are suffering from bunion pain, see a podiatrist.

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