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Enjoy this compilation of delicious easy Keto recipes from Custom Keto Diet. PDF Downloads make it easy to make these simple keto recipes. See below for links to all the recipes and nutritional information. You can also use the time stamps to jump ahead.

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0:07 Keto Cheesteak Wrap

1:05 Keto Breaded Shrimp

2:08 Keto Chili Beef

3:01 Keto Bacon Sushi

4:00 Keto Salmon in Tomatoes with Broccoli

4:59 Keto Pork Fajita Lettuce Wrap

5:54 Smoked Salmon Cucumber & Blue Cheese Salad

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Easy keto recipes will help keep you on your weight loss journey because you’ll never get bored when you have a wide variety of easy keto recipes at hand.

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