Keto Shrimp Recipe

Keto Shrimp Recipe

My plastic $115 infrared oven:

Bulldog clips with a strong bite and large surface area for re-sealing food bags:

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Earl grey tea:

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Sous vide from the video, water oven:


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What Causes Cracked Heels?

Also known as heel fissures by Podiatrists, cracked heels are a condition whereby the skin around the heel margin is split. The cracks can be exasperated by calluses or very dry skin (anhidrosis), caused by under activity of the sympathetic nervous system as in, for example diabetics.

An Overview of the Different Causes of Heel Pain

Common Causes of Heel Pain Heel pain is among the most annoying and debilitating health issues because it can seriously limit mobility. The heel must bear the weight of the entire body making it susceptible to injury. It is critical to get an accurate diagnosis of the pain from the heel because there are several causes.

Sesamoiditis Pain

A condition called Sesamoiditis affects the two small bones situated under the big toe’s joint, in natural terms these small bones are known as sesamoid bones. Their purpose is to provide stability to the foot and guard the tendons through weight bearing activities and walking. As a matter of fact, these sesamoid bones are vital in the gait cycle for the “push off” phase therefore its heavy usage is one reason which makes them susceptible to irritation and overuse or sesamoiditis. Since the cartilage that covers these bones becomes inflamed and irritated this condition is seldom classified as a type of tendonitis.

Daily Foot Care Tips

It’s a fact that most people don’t pay much attention to their feet until and unless they start aching or there’s a problem that leads to decrease in the level and quality of the sufferer’s activity. Foot care tips do not mean simply getting a pedicure or massage which is opposite to the common belief. There are certain things which both women and men could do to keep their feet healthy!

Diabetic Feet Advice

Diabetic Feet needs special care and attention, as they are amongst the major causes of health problems as well as hospitalization as a result of issues of impaired circulation and nerve damage. A Diabetic may suffer from numbness in their lower leg and feet which may lead to minor issues escalate into bigger more serious health problems, like an infection or amputation of a foot or toes.

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