Keto Snowball Cookies JUST 1 NET CARB | Mexican Wedding Cookies Russian Tea Cookies for keto

These Keto Snowball Cookies are rich, buttery, and perfectly sweetened even though there’s no sugar used to make them. That said, Some of you may know these as Keto Mexican Wedding Cookies or Russian Tea Cookies depending on where you’re from. But no matter what you call them, I’m sure you’ll call these DELICIOUS!! Plus, the best thing about this recipe is that each keto cookie has just 1 NET CARB.

Full Recipe:

Sweet Cookbook:
Savory Cookbook:


Things I used in today’s recipe:

Almond Flour:
***Can also replace it with…
Sunflower Seed Flour:
Walnut Flour:

Coconut Flour:

Cookie Scoop:

Confectioners Swerve:




140 Calories
12.75g Fat
2.75g Carbs
1.5g Fiber
3g Protein

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