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Reviews of the Different Triggers for Foot Pain Complaints

Your foot is one of the most abused and neglected parts of your body as it carries your entire weight while you go about your day. We go over the most common foot pain complaints so that you can begin your path to treatment.

How To Stop Smelly Feet

Learn easy ways to eliminate and prevent even the worst foot odor. Stop being embarrassed by the problem and deal with it. Read this article and say goodbye to smelly feet forever.

Can Custom Foot Orthotics Improve Your Golf And Tennis Game?

Would you like an extra 15 yards on your golf drive off the tee? How about feeling less sore and fatigued after playing a round of golf or into the third set of your league tennis match? Whether you’re Rory McIlroy battling for the coveted green jacket, Rafael Nadal fighting for another grand slam win, or an amateur spending a lazy afternoon playing for a beer and bragging rights, subtle adjustments such as custom foot orthotics often make the difference between winners and losers.

Foot Blisters? Time to See a Podiatrist

Most foot blisters can be cured using home remedies. But sometimes, a podiatrist – a specialist in foot disorders – should be consulted. Find out when it’s time to call your doctor.

Why Do Women’s Feet Get Bigger As They Age?

There are many reasons why women’s feet get wider as they age. Some of the reasons include weight gain and an aging population. We’ve probably all noticed that people are generally bigger today than years ago.

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