The Best Keto Butter Chicken Recipe | 5 Minutes Preparation

#shorts This Indian classic dish is the best keto butter chicken recipe that is loved by many. It is spiced, creamy and absolutely mouthwatering and ready in 5 minutes.
You can serve it over cauliflower rice or eat on its own. This meal’s easy to make, so you wouldn’t wait that long before you get your hands on this delectable dish that’s bursting with flavors!

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GOUT, GET OUT!: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Gout is one of the most painful conditions in the foot. It is a disease caused by the buildup of uric acid in the joints. Uric acid is a normal substance in our bodies, but when we have too much of it, it can crystallize in joints. Over time, uric acid in the blood crystallizes and settles in the joint spaces, causing swelling, inflammation, stiffness, and pain.

Are You Hurting Yourself With Each Step You Take?

Article about how shoe wearing populations have learned to walk improperly and how it is damaging to our bodies. Why concrete is not the real problem and what to do about it.

How Your Shoes And Orthotics Are Weakening Your Arches

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Ingrown Toenails: Causes and Treatment

When the a toenail begins to grow into the surrounding skin rather than across the nail bed, it can lead to infection and pain. For patients with circulatory issues, diabetes or toe numbness, ingrown toenails can actually pose a very serious risk of complication, up to and including loss of a limb. The first thing you should do is consult with a podiatrist in your area, and schedule an appointment immediately.

Reasons to Go to a Sutherland Shire Podiatrist

Even though sport is recommended to people of all ages, sports injuries happen very often, especially to those who do not wear proper equipment. Everybody knows how it feels to not be able to run properly because there is something wrong with your feet, which is why a visit at the local podiatrist is necessary. Sutherland Shire is a very beautiful region of Sydney, Australia where many people enjoy doing a wide variety of sports. Surf is probably the most common sport in this area, but people enjoy doing other activities as well, including marathons and triathlons. This is why if you are a serious triathlon competitor and get injured during a challenge, you will require immediate attention from a Sutherland Shire podiatrist in order to be able to continue the competition.

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