Village Style Prawn Fry | Easy Prawn Fry | Keto Prawn Recipe | Shrimp Fry | Flavours Of Eden (Ep:73)

Dear friends….
Today I am showing you how to make an easy village style prawn fry recipe.

Do try this lip smacking village style prawn fry and let me know your opinions.

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Foot Corns And Treatment

Corns develop out of the need to protect the tissue of the toes of the feet, they develop on the top or side of the toe and are hard to the touch, and what’s more, they are referred to as corns, due to their shape and color. In the medical world, we call these thickening as hyperkeratosis, and it includes the definition for calluses too.

Hammer Toes and Foot Pain

When the toe of a foot gets bent on the middle of the digit, there arises a condition that is commonly referred to as Hammer toe. This condition targets the second, third and fifth toe of the foot most often. However, it should clearly not be confused with another condition known as “mallet toe”, which is just a condition on the upper joint of a digit.

Nonoperative Treatment of Bunions

A bunion is a common problem that primarily occurs in women, but can develop in nearly any foot. A person with a bunion present experiences a bony and hard protuberance at the base of the big toe, where connection to the foot is made.

High Arches

Medically referred as “Pes cavus”, High arches often lead to serious biomechanical troubles in the body. An unusually high arch in the foot places excessive strain or pressure on the tendons and muscles in the feet and also on the metatarsals and heel, which not only affects the proper functioning of the complete lower body but also causes physical discomfort.

What Is Plantar Fasciitis?

The foot is that part of the body that seems to have the least amount of attention or press time when it comes to medial remedies or preventive methods but if you look at it, foot pain is a very common occurrence. The feet are the body’s shock absorbers, the wheels of our car as analogy can illustrate. They are important then because if they are damaged in any way, we will be unable to move or we will at least have limited and restricted mobility.

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